Wednesday, 4 January 2012

28mm Figures

Renegade Miniatures painted as Lord Saye & Sele's Regiment

Old miniature but I still like it. 1st Corps Mexican Santa Anna

Napoleonic 28mm

95th Rifles by Frnt Rank

79th Highland Regiment by Victrix

Aeornerf and Victoriana

Brigade Games Aeronerf British and German

Victoriana 28mm French

Various Periods

Ebor 28mm Russians for the Crimea Gripping Beast Viking Warband
awaiting the flocking

Renegade Kent Trained Band

Nicholas Slannings Regt using Renegade Miniatures

Napoleonic Scots

42nd Regiment

95th Rifles

Front Rank Napoleonics

4th East Essex

Another picture of 1st Royal Scots

One for Danny. 4th East Essex

1st Royal Scots, Renegades British Napoleonics

Thought I'd better get some photos of recent stuff that I've painted lately. 28mm Renegade British Napoleonic for Waterloo