Sunday, 6 February 2011

15mm tanks

2 of the plastic soldiers companys new T34 tanks and below are a couple of shots beside a Battlefront pzIII

Hopefully later this week I will be able to put one of zvezda's new 1/100 T34 next to these to see how it matches in

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  1. Just checking if this gets posted! Have put several comments up on the blog, but none seem to get through!

    I like the Zvezda 1:100 tanks (although I disagree with Giles about the detail being better than the PSC version ;-) - looking to get a trade deal for Baker Company through Hannants at the moment! One nice bit is that you can now get in 15mm plastic three T-34 versions: 1941 model T-34/76 with oval turret hatch (Zvezda), 1942/43 model T-34/76 (PSC) and T-34/85 (PSC). With the Zvezda early war tanks out (T-26) or forthcoming (BT-5) and the lorries & Katyusha this looks like a good time to recreate the masses of WW2 Soviet armour in 15mm plastic!